Steps to Help Improve bad behavior in Teens

Teenagers can be a handful as they are struggling to gain their independence. They will test you and try to push your buttons. As a parent you have to learn to deal with the mixed emotions teens have and their ever changing moods. Stay consisting in your parenting, make no mean no. It is confusing for a teen who has a parent that isn’t consistent with their parenting techniques and when you constantly give in to your teen this gives them the power to manipulate you. Once you loose that control with your teen it will be very difficult to get it back.

Talk to your teen about what is going on with their fronds and what’s going on in school. By keeping up to date on what your teen is doing and who they are doing it with, may help you to spot trouble signs early. This will help you to stop the bad behavior before it starts. Set rules for your teen to live by and give consequences when those rules are broken. Stick to the punishment. If you are inconsistent with the consequences and you are not playing by the rules you set, your teen will not abide by the rules either. Set a curfew and stick to it and let your teen know exactly what is expected of him or her.

Keep in close contact with your teens teacher at school. This way if the teacher spots a potential problem you will know first hand and you can talk with your teen about the situation. Teens need constant guidance and parents that are patient and understanding. Do not take the dictator approach to parenting as this will cause your teen to be rebellious. They will have a need to get control and they will act out if you take all of their control away.

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