STDs Among Teens

Because sexual activities are activities that also involves teen nowadays, the problem with the rising number of teens who acquire sexually transmitted diseases have also become an issue. Teens are generally hard to control and more often than not, some of them are defiant and rebellious. Due to this fact, parents and authoritative persons find it hard to control the teen’s increased exposure to sexual activities.

In 1997, approximately 48 percent of American teenagers of high-school age were or had been sexually active. Now, of course, the number has increased to an alarming number. This year alone, nearly 3 million teens will become infected. Overall, roughly one-quarter of the nation’s sexually active teens have been infected by a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Teens are thus cautioned to be more careful in engaging in sexual activities. If celibacy is not an easy option, then at least go for the safe choice. More than anything else, protecting one’s self should be the running theme.

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