Statistics on Teen Stress

Teenage-StressAre you interested in learning more about teen stress? Interested in statistics on teen stress?

More and more teens are becoming stressed, due to pressure from families, from school, from activities and from the pressure they put on themselves to excel. Many parents do not notice how stressed their teens are, and often neglect to release how much stress they are placing on their teens. Learning more about statistics on teen stress can help you understand how common stress in teens is and how likely it is that your teen is affected.

Statistics on Teen Stress
45% of teens between the ages of 13 and 17 said that they were more worried in 2009, while only 28% of parents thought their teens were more worried. This difference in perception demonstrates the fact that many parents are not aware of whether their teen is stressed at all. This means that even though your teen might appear to not be worrying, they could in fact be very stressed.

30% of children reported that they were worried about family finances, on the flipside only 18% of parents thought that their finances might be of concern to their children. This highlights how important it is to discuss things with your teens, especially as they work towards financial independence.

Statistics on Teen Stress and the Consequences of Stress
Stress can have adverse affects on people, regardless of their age. Teenagers are battling with a variety of different issues in their life and the addition of unnecessary stress can simply weigh them down and make life seem unbearable. If you are concerned that your teen is suffering from stress it’s important that you check whether they are dealing with any uncomfortable consequences of their stress.

The American Psychological Association (APA) reports that almost half of teenagers get headaches (42%) while only 13% of parents reported their teens got headaches. Headaches can be a physical symptom of underlying stress issues that are not being properly dealt with. This significant discrepancy in what the teens reported versus the parents’ opinions shows that many parents are quite disconnected from their teens reality and their stress levels.

Stress can negatively impact sleep, which in turn can affect almost every other avenue of a teen’s life. 49% of teens reported that they had difficulty sleeping, while only 13% of parents were aware that their teens might be having trouble sleeping. This shows that teens are not discussing issues they are having with their parents, or that they simple consider this to be normal.

In the same study 39% of teens admitted that stress impacts their eating habits too – some saying that they didn’t eat enough due to stress, while others saying they ate too much. On the flipside only 8% of parents were aware that stress was impacting their teen’s eating habits.

Stress is a real concern for teenagers and it’s important that parents invest some time into making sure that their teens aren’t too stressed. Teens often haven’t developed skills to deal with stress, so can be more severely affected than adults.

What have you found helpful in alleviating stress in your teen? Do you have any tips for parents who are worried about their teen’s stress levels?

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