Statistics and Fact about Teen Eating Disorders

It is very hard to get accurate facts and statistics about eating disorders. Mostly because people are hiding that they have an eating disorder out of shame or simply out of not knowing that they have a disorder, which is a common issue with teen eating disorders. All of that makes it very hard to accurately calculate the percentage and the numbers of teens with eating disorders.

Statistics and Fact about Teen Eating DisordersWith all these issues and difficulties the statistics vary based on the source. One source may claim that over 10 million people are suffering from eating disorders in the US alone; the other can claim that the number is closer to 8 million. When we gather all of the stats they will tell us that in the US alone, between 3.5% and 13% of US population has a form of eating disorder, which is not a solid number we can go on. Based on that we can determine that there may be anywhere between 6 and 20 million of people suffering from an eating disorder, in other words, we have no clue of the actual number.

But when it comes to teen eating disorder we have a better idea of the numbers on each of the eating disorders present. The latest study revealed that between 2.5% and 4$ of teens has one of the major three eating disorders, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge. One third of teens that suffer from an eating disorder have to deal with this issue up to 15 years, and about a third deal with it for up to 5 years. Although most of the people that suffer from a type of eating disorder recover, anorexia nervosa has showed to have the highest mortality rate of all.

Although every organization clearly states that none of these numbers should be taken in as a fact and that these are not reliable long terms statistics and figures, they should be considered as accurate at the moment. ANRED recently reported that almost 20% of patients treated for a serious form of an eating disorder died, while over 60% fully recovered, which shows that eating disorder have a high mortality rate.

All studies shows that most of the eating disorders actually start in the teen years and early college years, so this is the time you should pay close attention to your children and make sure that they stay healthy and live a positive life with a good body image and high confidence. Self esteem plays a great role in teen eating disorders, so if you manage to keep your teens self esteem high there are far less chances of your child having to deal with an eating disorder.

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