Spring Creek Lodge Academy (SCLA)

Of course, everybody wants their kids to be the next big thing. While the primary concern for parents is for their kids to grow up as law abiding productive citizens, it wouldn’t be so as bad if they exceed expectations and become leaders of the pack, just like what Spring Creek Lodge Academy believes in.

Spring Creek Lodge Academy (SCLA) is a year round boarding school designed to provide the following: highly structured and scheduled environment for troubled teens, help families and their child/children become a functioning family again and academic excellence. Trouble teens are adolescents who have unfortunately strewn away from acceptable family and social values by being deviance.

So where does the success of the program lies? Spring Creek Lodge Academy pride itself in their unique peer-to-peer interaction. All students are encouraged to motivate, relate and build on each other. They are taught to take responsibility in assisting their colleagues. Whether they are having a difficult day, in the middle of a dilemma or planning future goals, they can take charge of coaching their fellow students.

SCLA’s primal goal is to help your teen develop their full potential in different aspects: academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. If you are a parent who believes that such practice will lead to better preparation as an adult, then Spring Creek Lodge is a good place for you and child to begin your journey with.

Click here for their blog and here for the official website.

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