Sources of Teen Stress

We all experience stress and are under constant stressors, minor everyday stressors or those traumatic stressors that tend to stick around. Whatever your cause of stress is the first step in dealing with it is to identify the cause of stress, once you know what the source of your stress is you can deal with it.

Sources of Teen StressThere are good stressors and bad stressors. Good stressors are the ones that give us signals and make us jump when we have to like, like when you hear a gunshot and immediately get to the ground, or reflexively hit the brakes when someone runs in front of your car. So stressors are good basically, what is not good is when these stressors become a constant part of our lives, that can really drain a person emotionally and cause serious problems.

In order to effectively deal with teen stress you have to use pre counter measures like identifying bad stressors before they actually happen, or identifying them in the early stage. Here are some of the negative stressors that teens deal with:

  • Transferring to a new school
  • Moving to a new home
  • Going on a  date
  • School work
  • High expectations
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Getting a job
  • Social inactivity
  • Overworking
  • Family issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Responsibilities like owning a car
  • Friends and relationships
  • Failing to achieve something desired
  • Financial issues

According to studies the top stressors besides school and school activities for teens are friends and family, basically relationships. The not so funny fact is that they are the cause and the solution to stress problems most teens have.

Once stress starts to take you in you will start to feel various problems, starting from emotional and mental issues to physical problems like fatigue, sleeplessness and loss of appetite, in some cases nervous breakdown occurs.

In order to deal with stress you need to identify it, we already said that, but what to do afterwards, well you can either get the help of a professional or find a way to release the stress and deal with it. But in order to achieve that you will have to see the warning signs and monitor what causes stress for you. There are other sources of teen stress, for each person they may be different, so think about what situations or tasks leave you nervous or exhausted both physically and mentally, if you manage to keep track of those things you will easily identify your sources of stress.

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