Smoking kills? Read the Side Effects of Smoking & Decide on your own

Side Effects of Smoking

Children, especially teens are at a high risk because of smoking. Young children and teenagers start smoking at a very early age and it causes many health problems. There are several side effects of smoking. Don’t be surprised if you see people smoking even at hospitals. Even when people know the bad effects of smoking, thousands of people have this habit.

Though everyone knows that smoking causes cancer, people get carried away with the advertisements and the hoardings. Once the child starts smoking, it is difficult for him to stop or quit it. If your child starts smoking at an early age, he gets used to it and cannot live without it. His mind and body stop working until he smokes a cigarette. As one gets addicted to smoking, he feels normal when he smokes. Otherwise, he feels something “missing”.

People start smoking because of different reasons. Stress is one of the major factors causing smoking. When people feel stressed, they try to find ways to combat it. They look for instant relief. Hence, they start smoking as it makes them feel good temporarily.

It takes a long time for smoking to have adverse effects. The poisoning due to smoking takes place gradually. The body gets poisoned day by day. When children smoke over a long term, health problems like cancer, heart diseases and stroke can occur in the long run. Several types of cancers such as lung cancer, throat cancer, bladder cancer, etc. can be caused due to smoking.

Smoking causes wrinkles and yellowing of the teeth. Studies show that smokers are less active than non-smokers. Did you know that smoking can cause infertility in men and women. Heart attacks can also take place. If the children and teens smoke, their athletic performance gets affected. Sports are a part of children’s lives. If your child smokes, then the blood circulation in his body gets disturbed and injuries take a longer time to heal.

When the children see their parents smoking, they are likely to start the same as the kids love to imitate their parents. Try to talk to your child about the ill effects of smoking. Do not panic if you see your teenage child smoking. Be patient and talk to them. Counseling help may also be taken. If you smoke, admit that you make a mistake and the same should not be repeated by your child. Let them know why.

There are many dangerous effects of smoking. The weight and height development of a child gets disturbed if he starts smoking at an early age. The overall health of the child would get affected. Smoking can have adverse effects on both physical and mental health.

So, if you feel that your teenage child is stressed, find out ways to reduce and relieve it. Keep a watch on your child’s activities. Know his friends and pals. And if you smoke, quit it as soon as possible. Smoking does no good to anyone. All it does is have bad effects on the health!

Image Credit: Theeradech Sanin/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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