Single Parenting – It Can Be Done

Being a parent is never easy, especially for single mothers and fathers raising a child on their own. Whatever the reason for being single, death, divorce, adoption, each parent can successfully raise a child, with love and passion everything is possible. There are a few things a parent needs to focus on, especially a single parent, as there is one thing a single parent cannot do, and that is to take both roles of mother and father.

Single Parenting – It Can Be Done
Except trying to provide a good future for your child and making sure he has a good education and love from you as a parent, there are several things more that you need to do to provide the secure feeling for your child. The first thing is one that most single parents think of last, take care of yourself. If you do not look after yourself you will not be able to maintain a healthy relationship with your child.
Once you have that covered you will notice much less problems with your child, but you still have a long road ahead of you. Try building a network of friends around you, other single parents and such.

You need to make sure your child understands you and that you understand your child. He will be insecure as most children of single parents are, so reassure him that he is special and show him that you love him in both words and deeds.

The best way to make sure that you are raising your child properly is setting a good example. Remember, children look up to parents and if we do something they are likely to repeat it. In fact it’s much easier for a single parent to take care of this aspect as there are no two role models for the child, so if you set a good example you can be sure that your child will follow.

At some point you will have to involve your child into decision making around the house. Don’t be afraid to do that as it will help your child and his confidence, he we feel more appreciated when he is involved.

A most common mistake single parents make is to spoil and overindulge their children. That is very easy to do when you are a single parent, but it will not benefit your child in any way. The children that are spoiled and overindulged often turn to be self-centered, narcissistic, have lack of motivation, and have self-control problems.

There are plenty of things to cover on this subject, but the most important thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a perfect parent. We all make mistakes, but being a parent means we have to acknowledge our mistakes and deal with them maturely and with responsibility, and most of all to learn from them. This way we can overcome the issues that show up along the way and deal with them, showing our children the power of strength and character that comes from love.

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