Boosting self esteem in teenagers

Confident-Young-GirlRaising up teens becomes a very difficult job. There are no. of issues and challenges that guardians have to face while parenting teenagers. Out of these, one important teen issue to be worked upon, is the self esteem in teenagers for which there are no. of  factors that are responsible. A few primary teenage self esteem factors are:

  1. Relationship with friends
  2. Relationship with parents
  3. Performance at school and activities

Relationship with friends:
As the child grows into a teenager, the friendships become very important for them. They interact and communicate with their friends on a regular basis. They might chat with the friends or talk to them on phone when they’re at home. Facebook and other social networks are also used by the teenagers to communicate with their friends.

Christine, a mother of a teenage girl named Sarah, wondered why Sarah spent most of her time chatting with her friends daily. Even after being together with friends at school, Sarah chatted with her friends all day long when she reached home. The mom and the daughter had regular conflicts. When they took counseling help, Christine learnt that it was a part of teenage and it was normal for the teenagers to stay connected with their friends all the day long.

Not every teenager needs a circle of friends. There are some teens who like to stay alone. Parents should realize that Facebook and the mobile phones play an important role in the teenager’s life.

Relationship with parents:
Your relationship with your teen son (boy) or daughter (girl) makes a great difference in the child’s life. The teens should be treated in the way as adults are. The teenagers need love, respect and attention. As teenagers experience great changes in their bodies, they find it difficult to manage that. The teens may get aggressive and agitated because of the physiological and physical changes.

The parents should have a friendly and loving relationship with their teenage child. If the child faces arguments and conflicts daily, he is likely to be a less confident child. It affects the confidence level of the child. Parents can set the rules for the child and decide the effective consequences also. The children should be encouraged to follow the rules set for them.

How the parents treat their teen children also influences their self confidence. If your teen has very few disagreements and conflicts at home, he is likely to be more confident and happy child. Precisely it helps in boosting self esteem in teenagers.

Performance at school and activities:
If your child is a well-behaved person, he would be loved and respected by all at the school. With a number of distractions, the teenagers have to complete their homework and studies. If the parents expect realistic performance from the children and motivate them, they would be able to achieve that.

High performance in examinations is not the only criteria. The child should be well-behaved and disciplined. The child should perform well in all the areas like sports, academics, music, arts, etc. Most of the teenagers lose interest in activities very easily. The parents and the teachers should encourage the children to participate in other activities also. When the child performs well in a particular area, the parents and teachers should praise them.

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