Self Esteem Books For Teenagers

Are you worried about your teenager’s self esteem? Have you noticed a drop in your teenager’s confidence since they started high school or changed social groups?

Many teens struggle with self-esteem throughout the teenage years. Low self-esteem can result in your teen making dangerous decisions, as they do not value themselves or their life fully. Many teenagers lose sight of themselves, thanks to peer pressure and the stress of being a teenager. They find themselves feeling really lost, uncomfortable and uncertain. There are a number of self esteem books for teenagers that can help your teen get back on track, while helping them work through a number of issues.

Self-Esteem-Books-for-Teens Best Self Esteem Books For Teenagers
There are so many self esteem books for teenagers on the market, often it can be difficult finding one that will really impact your teen in a positive way. While there are a lot of generic self esteem books for teenagers, it can be helpful to get one that is personalized for either boys or girls. While teenagers of both sexes share a lot of common issues, there are certain things that are personal and it can be helpful having a book that focuses on them.

Self Esteem Books for Teenage Girls:
A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up – Judith E. Greenburg:
This covers the topics that are naturally floating around your teenage daughter’s mind, such as what’s happening to me, how do I deal with boys, what do I do about peer pressure and other key issues in a teenage girl’s life. This book is modern, written by someone who seems to be in the know and is very relevant to self-esteem issues of today.

Chocolate For a Teen’s Soul – Kay Allenbaugh:
This book offers a number of life changing stories that involve young women growing strong and wise. Designed to empower even the least inspired turbulent teenagers, this book is easy to relate to and the positivity is infectious. The stories involve relevant issues for teenage girls, including: first love, jobs, best friends, heartbreak, hope and life in general.

Self Esteem Books for Teenage Boys:
Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons From the Myths of Boyhood – William Pollack:
This book discusses the realities of what’s going on in your son’s mind, behind the mask. Society, parents, and their social group send boys a number of mixed messaged that can confuse them in terms of self-esteem and wider issues. This book helps parents help their sons express their emotions and to appreciate their self worth.

What have you found helpful in improving your teen’s self esteem? Are there any self esteem books for teenagers that you have found to be really standout?

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