Risk Factors of Teen Violence

Teen violence is a great issue that we deal with every day. It is hard to predict teen violence because causes vary and types of teen violence are many. But like with everything else there are risk factors and warning signs of teen violence that we can watch out for in order to prevent the teen violence from happening.

Teen ViolenceThe basic risk factor of teen violence is the group your teen is hanging with. Based on the group that risks may be much higher or even totally absent.

  • African American teens have the homicide as the leading cause of death
  • Among Hispanic teens homicide is the second leading cause of death
  • Among teen homicide cases over 80% is the male rate, which leads to the fact that male teen violence is more probable of happening than female violence

That also goes for fighting, males are more likely to end up in a physical fight than females

But on the other hand with males being prevalent in everything they also increased the number of female teens of being forced to sexual intercourse to over 10%.
But, besides group factors there are individual risk factors and warning signs of teen violent behavior as well, along with the family factors:

  • Antisocial behavior and beliefs
  • Substance abuse, drugs, alcohol, tobacco
  • Frequent outburst of aggressive behavior
  • Learning disorder and attention deficit
  • Behavior issues
  • Social issues
  • Financial issues
  • Lack of in house discipline
  • Harsh and inappropriate home discipline
  • Low education level family
  • Violent behavior at home
  • Lack of parent involvement in teen activities
  • History of being abused

Like groups and home issues there are also risk factors of teen violence in schools to look out for. The school environment can sometimes be very stressful and can lead to various teen issues that may eventually lead to teen violence. Some of the risk factors around school include gang involvement, poor academic performance, low attendance, lack of supervision, rejection by classmates, bullying etc… The same goes for the community risk factors you should watch out for like low income neighborhood, social disorganization, lack of authorities etc…

These are the common risk factors that may incite teen violent behavior. They can also be considered as warning signs, so if your family or your teen shows and falls under these risk factors it would be wise to act immediately in order to avoid the increasing possibility of your teen acting out violently.

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