Review of “Longing for Dad: Father Loss and Its Impact”

Longing-for-Dad-Beth-EricksonThis is a must read book for the children who have lost their fathers due to death or divorce. The book can have a meaningful impact on the reader. Dr. Beth Erickson has clearly described the facts and explanations about her personal experience. The book has a clinical standpoint too.

The book has many intelligent typologies and descriptions which can help the children gain the necessary strength to deal with the loss of the father. If you are into a painful situation longing for your father, you should read this book.

Many children feel that their life is over when their father dies. Death is an inevitable part of our lives. The life has to move on. This idea is clearly described in the book. You would be confident and at peace when you read this book.

Do not think that you’ve reached to a dead-end when you lose your father. The life has to move on. Search for other options which can help you cope up with the pain and resentment. “Longing for Dad: Father Loss and Its Impact” is a blessing for the boys and girls who have lost their fathers.

It opens your eyes and brings you to the real world. Being an expert writer in marriage and family therapy, Dr. Erickson clearly describes the consequences and solutions that can make your life easier after father’s loss. Grab your copy today and get the best possible solutions to restart your life. It is a great self-help book.

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