Resources to Help Behavior Problems at Home

Anyone who has children will tell you that raising them is perhaps the hardest thing one will ever take on, especially when it comes time to help behavior problems seeming to take over and shake up the entire family’s life. The joke that newborns should come with manuals has been passed around for centuries as it is quite true that you are thrown into an unfamiliar territory without any real guidance. Luckily, through the internet, books, television, and even satellite radio you can now take advantage of the mounds of information being given based on real life experiences to help behavior problems and keep your peace at home.


One of the easiest ways of getting behavior help is through reading the books that have been published by those who have dedicated their life to learning how a child develops with certain environments.

To start out try looking into some of these titles:

  1. Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Children and Families By Phillip J. Graham
  2. Think Good – Feel Good: A Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Workbook for Children By Paul Stallard
  3. Behavior in Schools By Louise Porter

The Internet

You can find literally thousands of sites offering tips, advice, and even products to help behavior management in children of all ages. Simply searching Google for “parenting tips” or “parenting advice” will turn back an unbelievable amount of advice. If searching for basic tips to help behavior you will more than likely not need to protect yourself as most information will either work or not. Keep in mind that some children respond better than others so what works for one group of parents may not work for others.

You can start at some of these popular sites:

  1. Parent Center:
  2. Parenthood:
  3. The National Parenting Center:


Being a big topic in today’s world, the amount of information to help behavior issues found on many television shows is incredible. Besides your typical talk shows, there are now tons of new and old reality based shows geared towards offering parents the solutions to help behavior management of both their children, and themselves.

Here is a list of popular shows airing today:

Surviving Motherhood

  • The Learning Channel (TLC)
  • You can find your local airing time at

Yummy Mummy

  • The Discovery Channel
  • You can find your local airing time at

Super Nanny

  • ABC or Channel 4
  • You can find your local airing time at

Satellite Radio

While this form of media is still in its stage of growth, it is quickly taking over public radio with many finding it to be much better in regards to selection. You can listen to music, and live radio shows which are hosted by both professionals and talk show hosts, to fill you in on the latest techniques to help behavior situations in your home.

Try some of these stations:

Talk Radio

  • XM 165
  • Talk Radio covers many topics but regularly features talk sessions on children, family, and ways to help behavior at home, school, and even for adults, at work.

Family Talk

  • XM 170
  • This radio show is always talking about family issues placing special emphasis on child behavior, and the tests of today’s parents. Listeners should be advised that the values, morals, and standards expressed are those of a Christian belief system.

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