Quiz: Do your Children listen to you?

Do your children Listen to you?
Take this quiz to find out! Remember that this is just for fun and is not a  professional opinion.

Does Your Children Listen To You?

Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.

  1. Your child wants to go out on a school night. You tell them to be back by 9:00. You know they’ll really be back at:
    • 9:00
    • between 9:00 and 9:15, because of traffic
    • well after 9:00, maybe even after 10:00
  2. How many times do you have to tell your child to do something before it gets done?
    • no more than twice
    • at least 5 times
    • I’ve lost count
  3. Has your child ever snuck out of the house?
    • absolutely not
    • not that I know of
    • His/her bedroom is probably empty right now.
  4. You forbade your child from seeing an R rated movie. This weekend, a group of friends asked your child to go to an R rated movie, your child will be going to see:
    • my child will decline to go
    • possibly the movie, but most likely something else
    • I’ll be getting a review of that R rated movie when he/she comes home.
  5. Your child has to finish his/her chores before you get home. When you arrive:
    • chores are done.
    • some chores are done, he/she is still working on it.
    • oh, I forgot. says a monotone voice, not looking away from the TV.
  6. Does your child do well in school?
    • yes
    • mostly
    • rarely
  7. if your child wants a friend to come over, he/she will:
    • ask for permission
    • ask for permission, with the friend right outside the door
    • invite the friend over without you knowing
  8. you want to have a night out with your child.
    • OK, lets go!
    • OK, I guess.
    • Do I have to?
  9. Your child wants to go to a party where you know there will be drinking. You say no, so instead your child
    • invites some friends over and watches movie at your house, with your permission of course
    • trudges around the house the night of the party.
    • goes to the party anyway.
  10. You ask your child if his/her homework is finished.
    • He/She says yes and shows it to you
    • he/she says no, and gets it out to finish
    • he/she says yes, and doesn’t show it to you, because you both know it isn’t done.

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