Public School vs. Home-school: Which is better for Child Behavior Management?

Teaching a child behavior management can just about prove the old saying right, “It takes a village to raise a child”. In fact, one of the greatest educational debates of today: Is it better to home-school a child rather than have them attend a public school? Well, many have stated their opinion in courts and while protesting at home-school conventions, there just may be something to be said for education a child can receive at a public school.


The benefits of a public school are many with socialization being a top concern when determining a public or home program. By attending a public school your child can learn about others while also using child behavior management skills to get along with them.


One of the most important things for anyone to learn is tolerance. Tolerance will allow them to deal with surprises, unexpected hassles, and unfamiliar settings in an effective way. Child behavior management is built around the ability to tolerate trying situations without becoming overwhelmed.


Unlike home-school programs, a public school is equipped with the experience to get a child enthusiastic about school, and eventually graduation. It is crucial that a child become dedicated to their school work giving them a promising future while also teaching them how to stick with it.


A routine when teaching a child behavior management is perhaps the hardest, but most important part to raising a well rounded child. Obviously, a public school is much better at sticking to a solid routine, giving the child anticipation of their day, schoolwork, and even after-school life.

These are only a few of the reasons a public school would be better at teaching child behavior management skills that will be needed all the way through life. While some parents could be an exception to this rule, particularly those having some training in child development, most are unfamiliar with the importance of child behavior management taught in a classroom. Before making your decision between public, private, or home school look at the facts being realistic about what you bring to the table in regards to your child’s behavior management, therefore future.

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