Preventing Teen Smoking

Since 1998 the US started investing plenty of money on anti-smoking campaigns. Until 2003 the campaigns showed great success lowering the number of smokers by great numbers. The best result was seen in teen smokers. But since 2003 the US decreased the funding of anti-smoking campaigns and teens developed tolerance to these campaigns and the number of teen smokers started to rise once again.

Preventing Teen SmokingMost teens are not well informed or don’t understand the effects that smoking has on their health. Nicotine found in tobacco is one of the most addictive substances in the world, 4 out of 5 teens that try tobacco will start smoking. The reasons why teenagers start smoking are plenty, one of the biggest reasons is because they saw it from their parents. So if you don’t want your teens to smoke you should lead by example. Another well known reason is peer pressure.

There are several ways you can make your teen learn the responsibilities of smoking and the bad effects that smoking leaves on their health, if you catch your teen smoking there are a few interesting things you can do like telling him to do his own laundry. Of course there are several aspects that help our teens quit smoking or never start to smoke.

Raising taxes on cigarettes has proved to be a success, as most kids can’t afford to purchase cigarettes. But besides state laws and media campaigns there is school education that proved to be very successful in educating teens about the bad effects of smoking and also helping teens to quit smoking. Of course one of the most successful methods of getting teens aware of the bad effects that smoking causes are confrontation shows and guest speakers.

A very small number of teens are aware of the risks that teen smoking causes on their growth, which is hard to believe considering the funds invested in teen education and anti-smoking campaigns. Teens seem to have developed blindness towards those types of campaigns over the years. Our body is so addicted to nicotine that it shows signs of relapse in the first few minutes of the last cigarette, which can also be seen as benefits of giving up smoking:

  • After half an hour from the last cigarette our blood pressure decreases, our pulse rate drops and our body temperature increases.
  • After 8 hours carbon monoxide levels return to normal as well as the levels of oxygen in our blood.
  • After 24 hours the chances of having a heart attack decrease significantly
  • And after 48 hours our nerve endings start to grow again and our ability to taste and smell improves

The bottom line is that education about smoking needs to start at home, you need to explain to your kids the bad effects that smoking has on their health. You deal with your smoking issues at home and the state will deal with it on the global level. The fact that most parents turn a blind eye is the biggest problem in this issue.

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