Preventing Teen Eating Disorders

We already covered teen eating disorder causes, and it is very clear that we are still not certain of them. As such it is very hard to come up with prevention methods for eating disorders. The main eating disorders in today’s society are bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and binge eating and we are still not clear if regular stress factors have any influence or what kind of influence they have on these disorders.

Preventing Teen Eating DisordersOne thing is for sure, more and more teens are being taken in by the standards set by the media. It is hard for insecure teens to feel good about themselves when models and actresses and even dolls are made according to certain standards. All of these things greatly contribute to teen distorted view of their body and it creates a false ideal of how women should look, which in return takes them on unhealthy diets and stressing out over their appearance.

So if we were to speak of prevention we would have to change the media and the entire society’s view on appeal, which is impossible. But there are a few things that can be done on the family level in order to prevent a teen eating disorder from appearing.

  • The first place to start is by giving an example. Show your kids that they need to eat healthy and take care of their weight, but take care of their healthy weight, not the weight according to false standards
  • You need to help your teen think positively of himself or herself, a positive self image and good self esteem teenagers are far less likely to develop an eating disorder
  • Make sure that your teens are eating healthy nutrient full and balanced meals
  • Try to point them out to some more realistic models and idols instead of fitness models and superstars
  • Strictly prohibit teasing based on someone’s physical appearance
  • Try to get your teens to participate in physical activities and team sports. A team sport is a great way for teens to develop higher self esteem and make a better body image of themselves, which in return lessens the odds of developing a teen eating disorder.

Of course since we are not sure what may be causing teen eating disorder we should take care of all the other issues that may appear, both physical and emotional. Any issue that appears to be problematic should be dealt with and you should try to teach your teens how to think positively and encourage them to deal with their emotions, all of that will help your teen form a better image and have better self esteem, which in return lowers the chances of teen eating disorder appearing in your child.

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