Positive Parenting

Every parent has a moment when he asks himself if he is doing something wrong. When you see your three year old child throwing stuff without reason or yelling his lungs out, or when you fresh teenager is developing an attitude, then those issues pop to mind and that is ok. The fact that your child is behaving in that way doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong, it simply means that a new age has come for your child and you need to change with it, adopt a new approach, the right approach for you might be positive parenting.

positive parenting There are plenty of ways to be a good parent, but that all depends on a situation you are in. I can’t put all of that in one article so I will name a few important and effective examples of positive parenting and I will also point you in the right direction to educate yourself.

What every parent should know that parenting starts the moment you became a parent, it doesn’t matter that your baby is only a day or a month old, even though it can’t understand what you are saying it does understand the tone of voice and your body language. Positive parenting relies on little but important things like encouraging your child and building his self esteem, never should you use your words as a weapon, damage sustained by harsh words may be as painful as a real blow.
The next step is praise, although we don’t miss a chance to criticize our children when they do something wrong we often fail to compliment and praise them when they do something good without being asked to do so. That is a big mistake, you should always look for something good that you child is doing and praise him for that, that builds a loving relation in addition to self esteem, plus a good praise for a good thing will make your child love what he has done and he will aim to repeat that.

But praising is one thing when a child deserves and another to just let him do what he wants, so you need to discipline your child, which is simply a must. But you need to set boundaries and limits; your child needs to learn them. The thing is that you must be consistent, you can’t discipline your child one day for one thing and the next day let it slide, that is a mistake. Once you set the rules you are the first person that must abide them, after all your children look up to you for an example.

There are plenty of very easy things to do in order to raise your child properly, and you can achieve that through positive parenting. The two most important things to remember is that you need to make time for your child as much as you can and you need to be a good role model for your child. When they are in trouble or they need advice, you want to be the person they come to, with positive parenting you can achieve that.

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