Planning With IEP – Individual Education Plan

We are all aware of the fact that everything goes better with some plan, but for a teen with learning disabilities it is of the greatest importance to have a plan. Under the federal law it is allowed to have a special planning for such teens, and every teen that desires can get IEP or individualized education plan. IEP is very helpful to teens with learning disabilities, so let’s see what IEP is and how can it help your teen.

Individual Education PlanIEP is the standard support for your teenager with a disability and his learning process. Standard IEP has learning disabilities of a certain teenager outlined and it helps him deal with those learning disabilities one step at a time. The IEP has all the special learning techniques and professionals outlined; the plan itself will serve your teen as a guide and will help him deal with the learning disability.

A parent involvement in the IEP is necessary and you will go though the whole process together with your teen child. But you will have the help of professionals and teachers that will guide you through the entire year, at the end of the year you will create a new plan for the next years as the IEP is usually created only for the current school year. If your teen is up to it he can also participate in the creation of the plan, but that is up to both of you to decide.

There are two parts of the IEP plan, the IEP document and IEP meetings. The IEP meetings are where you and your teen decide on the actual IEP and track the progress. On the first meeting you will decide the process and the course of action. If there is a need for adjustments you can do so on the following meetings. The IEP document is used to keep track of what was decided and how the progress is going throughout the different stages of the plan.

Once the IEP is finished it is used by the teachers, parents and everyone involved to get the best out of it and help the teen deal with the learning disability. After each school year is completed evaluation meetings are held to see and evaluate the process and decide if a new IEP should be created or if the teen is doing great with this plan and doesn’t need special attention. Although your teen may be doing better and the official IEP is not active any more, every teen with a learning disability needs some special attention, so be sure that you work with him closely and that the teachers are doing everything in their power to help.

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