Passport Application

Planning on doing some traveling? Well that’s great, mostly every teenager dreams about seeing the world. Well not just teenagers, every person wants to see the world. But in order to go to a different country you need a passport and several other things, like foreign currency and information needed for the traveled destination. Well if you are going for the first time that means you will need to get a passport. And here is what you will need to apply for your passport the first time.

First of all you must apply in person for the first time, and if you are under 16 or even older there might be some special requirements for you to apply. You can check what those requirements are online. You must first buy and complete DS-11 form required for US passport. With that form and all others that are required by the DS-11 form you need to go to an Acceptance Facility or any Passport Agency. With those forms you also need to provide the evidence of US citizenship. That includes any previous passports, birth certificate or certificate of citizenship. If you don’t have any of those or you have the forms that are not accepted you may use secondary evidence of citizenship.

You must also bring with you an acceptable identification. Those may be previous passport, driver’s license or a state ID. If you don’t have any of those documents valid you may present secondary combination of documents because they won’t be admitted as acceptable identification if single. The documents are social security card, credit card, employee ID or library card, if you can’t provide those in a combination you will need to have a witness that knows you longer than 2 years and has a proof of citizenship. The identification you are presenting must also have a photocopy. Of course there is a fee to be paid which you can find out online or by asking at one of the mentioned institutions. And the last things you need when applying for passport are two passport photos. They need to be standard passport size which you don’t need to know, just tell the photographer that your picture is for a passport and he will give you the right format. But you should know that on those photographs you cannot wear uniforms, hats or dark glasses unless they are used for medical reasons.

That is basically all you need to know in order to apply for a passport. If you have a criminal past or some minor criminal record you will need extra documentation in order to get a passport or you might not even be allowed to apply for a passport. You can check that information on US government website. Any forms that are required can be bought at any bookstore or administration office. The rest you will need for your trip when you get your passport is a good preparation which requires getting some info on the country you are going and the will to have a good time.

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