How can I do good parenting from a distance?

Happy-Father-DaughterJohn’s teenage daughter gets ready for the prom. She wears a beautiful evening gown and looks very charming as ever. She clicks her snap and sends it to her dad from her mobile phone who stays in a different country due to his work. John calls her daughter and says, “You look just like your mother, dear. She also looked the same when she was in her 20s.” Tears rolled out of her eyes and she hung up the phone. She wept for hours together. She missed her father a lot. Words are not enough to explain the pain that the children experience when the father is away.

Fathering or Parenting from a distance is not an easy task. It is very important that the fathers stay connected with their children on a regular basis. Keeping in touch with the kids and other family members can comfort the children and the long distance dads too.

If the father has to go to a distant place from home due to work, divorce or some other reason, he can arrange for the videoconferencing. Whether you are going to a distant place willingly or forcefully, you need to stay in touch with your kids for a good long distance parenting.

Buy a computer or laptop for your child through which he/she can keep in touch with you can be a good idea. Ensure that there is internet, microphone, speakers and web camera at home. You do not need to spend money on the videoconferencing softwares as there are many free options available. Search for a free messenger and install it on the computer. You can also opt for free telephone plans. Talk to your service provider and find the cheapest option so that you can at least speak with your children and let them feel your parental presence in their life even without being around them for that moment.

The fathers should maintain a good relationship with their children. Whether you are allowed to meet your children once a year of twice a month, keep updated about the latest happenings in the child’s life. Keep asking them about their studies, friends and pals. There may be some problems that the child faces on a daily basis. Listen to what the child says.

If your child loves drawing or painting, ask him to send you a few of the sketches or painting he has made on his own. This can motivate the child and help him grow his/her skills. You can also communicate to the child’s school teachers to know what’s going on there.

Don’t forget to pack the photographs of your kids and the pets when you leave the house and go to a distant place. They may be useful when you miss them. Next time when you visit your children for a mini vacation, capture some special moments together and take them along. Get some gifts for your child. For selection of the gift for the child, you should know about the child’s interests. For example: If your young daughter loves something, gift that thing to her and see the smile on her face.

No matter how far the father goes from the family, he’s still an important figure in the lives of the children!

Image Credit: Photostock/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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