Outward Bound Programs at a Youth Boarding School Build Self Esteem

Most of the programs at a youth boarding school, while structured to treat specific illnesses or behavior disorder, are designed to teach social skills and build self-esteem.

As we have known for a very long time, self-esteem is the number one most important key to creating a sound life for yourself and also plays a role in the lives of those around you. With the proper self-esteem you are capable of striving for better because you are not afraid of who and what you are. It has been demonstrated through extensive research that teens with low self-esteem act out in order to get the attention they feel will not come otherwise.

Studies have shown that this is best accomplished in ranch or other outdoor settings when used in comprehensive programs. It is thought that this works best as it is far removed form the urban environments that the troubled youth may have come from. In this type of youth boarding school teens learn respect, discipline, and camaraderie, while also learning skills to cope with negative emotions and behaviors. By participated in such activities it helps them to realize that they are indeed in full control of their destiny therefore establishing a higher self-esteem. An example of a typical program to build trust, at a youth boarding school ranch, could involve Equine Therapy. Yes, that is equine as in horses. The idea is that it takes trust to get up on a horse since it is a big animal and can bring on many fears. Learning to confront fears, recognize them and over come them is one of the central themes of the approach at a youth boarding school. The goal is to build courage through a series of small personal victories which increases self esteem and teaches young teens how their decisions will impact their life.

The use of horses and other animal therapies at a youth boarding school also helps troubled teens with communication skills, as non-verbal communication is the essence of animal human relationships. While few people know it, behavior problems can all be linked back to one of the areas addressed in the many outdoor adventures a youth boarding school conducts. Trust, self-esteem, fear, triumph; these are all things that teenagers need to experience, and often don’t know how to manage until shown through hands on learning. By enlisting the help of a youth boarding school you can help lead your child to a better future by letting trained professionals show them the way.

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