Organizations That Help Teenagers

Being a teenager isn’t easy – even at the best of times – so many parents find it helpful seeking out organizations that help teenagers. If you’re worried about your teen or just want to organize a little extra support for your teen then going through an organization might a good idea. These organizations have been created to provide additional support, resources, mentoring, self-confidence or the motivation they might be lacking to move forward.


Often a taboo subject, suicide rates are highest around teenagers and young adults. Many teenagers feel overwhelmed with stresses or pressures in their lives and do not know how to seek help. Suicide.Org is a website that has a number of local contact details so that teens in need can speak with experienced and helpful people about their feelings and issues. The website itself contains a lot of information on how to help a suicidal person, “no suicide” contracts, and support groups. This is one of the most important organizations that help teenagers, because suicide can be a real risk for many of our teens.

Focus Adolescent Services
This is a large organization that offers support for a range of youth issues, including weight, anger, runaways, drug-use, peer pressure and bullying. There is so much information on this site that can be helpful for teens who are struggling or friends and family members of teens that need a little extra support. Here you can find information on private schools that have specialized programs to help challenged teens as well as information on state resources that can help.

Youth For Youth Partnership
This is a national American group of youth who help other youths through tough times. They offer support, mentoring and friendship to teenagers and young adults who have lived through abuse or violence. The volunteers are young people from the ages of 16 right through to 24, making it easy for them to relate to the young people they’re working with. Behind the volunteers there is a support network made up of psychologists, who are there to help with deeper issues that are often a by product of abuse. This organization has been created to help support victims while also giving them the confidence to speak up if abuse happens in future.

This organization was created to help ensure every child gets an opportunity to an education and then can move forward to being a productive member of society with employment opportunities. There is a strong focus on equality and providing fair opportunity to every child regardless of family income, race, location or age. This organization offers a range of activities, projects and programs to get youth interested and excited about their futures.

Has your teen been through any organizations that help teenagers? Do you have any suggestions of great organizations that provide a real benefit to teens?

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