Options for Troubled Teenagers

The following options may be considered depending on the problem of the teenager:

Graduate Equivalency Diploma

A troubled teen unlike others, sometimes finds it difficult to pluck the confidence to continue school after high school some may not even finish high school. In case this happens, GED may be a good option. Community colleges run this program and do not require a high school diploma, and if a child performs well academically, after two years they may be able to go on to a four-year college or university.

There are also transitional programs available, sometimes known as “life skills” programs, that can help your adolescent learn how to live independently. These programs can also help them finish any required high school credits for graduation or prepare for the GED

Residential Treatment for troubled teens

There are adolescent residential treatment centers that will hold youth against there wills in some states and there are adolescent residential treatment centers that are strictly voluntary. Each states law varies regarding the rights of their youth. Some states will allow a child as young as 12 years old to tell their parents they don’t want to do something and the laws will back the child up. A parent said they had taken their teenager for a drug test but they could not see the results unless the child signed a permission slip for them to do so. With laws so out of touch with reality it is no wonder that there as so many adolescents in need of some type of residential treatment. What parents usually do is send their children to states that will still allow them to exercise their parental control on their children.

For more information on this kind of residential treatment for troubled teens, visit http://www.tpsrep.com Semantics as an option for troubled teens Some times you don’t even neeed to seek outside help. Even the Use right words and encouraging statements can do wonders. The language associated with ‘I’m Invincible’ to acknowledge your teen in day-to-day life. Words such as courage, brave, strong, determined, overcome, etc, can also be used to motivate your teen. Summer Boot Camps for troubled teens, Thayer Learning Center organises summer boot camps as an option for troubled teens. Here is what they say, “This boot camp was developed to reinstate the importance of mastering the simple things in life.

This is done through: a strict daily schedule, 24 hour a day – 7 day a week awake supervision, study periods listening to positive motivational tapes including 100 Greatest People & Books, etc., eating three well balanced-nutritionally fit meals, becoming physically fit, and participating in group discussions as well as a Seminar”.

Wild Life Therapy

This is supposed to be an altertative to juvenile boot camps. This is to help find some solutions to the crisis parents face at home with a troubled teenager. Redcliffascent.com is a wild life treatment site. This is how they think their program can help you, “Teens are exposed to an environment where drugs, violence, sex, money and peer pressure are an ever-present force that affects both their behavior and perception of life. Today’s teens are more protected and sheltered from the consequences of their behavior than ever before.

To answer the demands for today’s youth, RedCliff has developed a program that will help them put life in perspective and deal with the issues and problems that currently govern their existence.RedCliff has proven to be instrumental in helping thousands of troubled teenagers gain a new perspective on life while achieving things they never thought possible”.

Equine Therapy Equine TLC (Teaching Life skills for Change) is founded on the principle that, through working with horses, students can learn life skills that initiate change. All aspects of horses and horsemanship are used in the program, from bareback riding, to jumping, to barrel racing, to young horse training. Horsemanship skills are integrated with team building activities, experiential learning, and therapy groups to create a unique program with endless possibilities. For more information on equine therapy visit


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