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Online GPA calculators are used to determine the present high school, college, or graduate school grade point averages and to determine what the future GPA is likely to be. This way, a student is able determine what he/she needs to get in order to raise the GPA to the level he/she wants it. Online GPA calculators are also used by high school college counselors to aid the students on determining the universities and colleges they have qualified for. Online GPA calculators are also used by college admissions personnel to determine the GPA of transfer applicants – even those who had attended multiple universities and colleges.

The main advantage of an online grade point average calculator such as GPA Calculator is convenience. This is because you can use the online GPA calculator day or night, all year round and because you can do this in the comfort of your home. An online GPA calculator is advantageous in that you end up spending less since you do not need to mail anything, you do not need to go anywhere, and because many schools offer them free of charge online.

With an online grade point average calculator, your anonymity is guaranteed. This is important to some people and it is possible since all calculations and correspondences are via the Internet. You can use the online GPA calculator anywhere in the world, meaning you do not have to be at the institution like with other calculators. Using a grade point average calculator is easy because all you have to do is input your grades for different courses and the results are displayed. With other GPA calculators, you will take a lot of time making calculations.

An online grade point average calculator can be used to get the GPA of up to 50 courses. With a normal GPA calculator, getting this GPA could take a lot of time and energy. The results would not be guaranteed to be accurate since there is room for human error. Online GPA calculators have built-in edit checks. This, combined with the fact that the time and energy required to input the data is reduced, means the risk of human and other errors is greatly reduced.

To use the online grade point average calculator, you need to enter the grades in upper case and you need to know the terms used. Credit hours are the hours that have been assigned to a course, the grade value is the numerical value that has been assigned to a grade such as A being 4 points, A- being 3.7 points, B+ being 3.3 points, B being 3 points, and so forth, the grade point is the product of the credit hours and the grade value, the attempted hours are the credit hours for which you got a grade, including an F, the earned hours are the credit hours where you got D or higher, and the redlining of a course is a course you took on a second attempt. If you follow the link, Calculate Your GPA, you will find that you can calculate your GPA for most institutions with this information, but note that there are some small variations in different institutions.

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