Nothing-is-Impossible-Mawi-Asgedom1) What sets your book apart from others?

Most teens don’t know how to lead themselves. They haven’t learned how to set goals, motivate themselves, or overcome peer pressure in an honorable way. In his books, Mawi Asgedom drives timeless truths in a passionate and compelling way to teenagers of EVERY background.

2) Why should parents pay special attention to what you are doing?

Mawi says everything parents want to say or have tried to say in a compelling and honest way…and the teens REALLY LISTEN!

He has trained over a quarter of a million students in personal leadership. He is truly the leading expert in teen leadership.

3) What’s unique about your book?

Mawi’s materials, speak deeply to many different backgrounds–from the battered and war-torn refugee, all the way to the suburban teenager who’s had every advantage in life.

4) What has inspired you to develop this book?

In his 29 years, Mawi has suffered many losses in life and overcome many tragedies, but he has

also been blessed in uncountable ways.His materials are his way of giving back. To whom much is given, much is required.

5) What do you hope to accomplish through your book?

Mawi’s mission in creating Mawi Inc. is to create a nation of amazing teens!

6) Who is your target audience?

Though Mawi has spoken to audiences that range from elementary schools all the way to Ivy League Universities, his real passion is in reaching students who fall in the middle school- early high school levels.

7) Do you have any other works for your readers to enjoy?

Of Beetles and Angels: A True Story of the American Dream The Code: The 5 Secrets to Teen Success, Win the Inner Battle Journal, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE CD Series, and coming soon is Mawi’s 3rd book…Mimic the Devil and other poems by Mawi and friends.

As of now those who want to buy the book, they can visit

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