Need Teen Advice? Ask, it’s Not So Hard

Teenagers are going to a rough time where ever they are, that seems to be the trend. Back in the day teenagers were happy and always had something to do and back then there weren’t video games, computers, internet and all those things they have today. So how come teenagers now always say that they don’t have what to do, they are bored out of their mind, well go figure, whatever they do they seem to have a hard time. But that’s the problem with the entire generation, the problem about it is that we are having harder time to spot the kids that really do have a hard time and that really need help. How to spot them, what to look for, how to help them, who can help them?

Need Teen Advice? Ask, it's Not So Hard Those are all the issues we all want answers to, but when it’s your teenager that is troubled and has a hard time fitting in it’s not so easy to ask for help. But the fact is that it’s not as hard as you may think. The first step in helping your teenage child is to know how, and to know how you need to educate yourself, but you can’t educate yourself until you ask for help and ask for advice. So take out a scale, on one side put whatever shame you would get out of someone knowing that your teenager is having a hard time fitting in, hey, wake up and smell the flowers, it’s not shameful, the whole world is having trouble fitting in. After that on the other side of the scale place yours and your child’s well being and future, which do you think will prevail?

The reason I am writing this is because I read yesterday in a newspaper two testimonies of parents whose teenage children are having some development issues, and those two different families waited until it was almost too late to help their children because they were ashamed. I know what I would like to do with those kinds of parents, but that is another story, I am here to let all of you know that your child’s future comes before anything else, so asking for advice is the least you can do to help your child. Not to be all judgmental I suggest the following, if you don’t want to go to a private institution or a professional therapist or whatever may be your case, you can seek information and help through internet. One good and bad thing at the same time about the internet is anonymity, but that will help you only for starters, sometimes parents help is limited and professional help is needed, if that happens, please, do your child a favor and provide that help for him or her.

There are plenty of websites that provide help for troubled teens, for teen parenting and for many issues your teen child might have. In the end you and your behavior may be the difference between your child having a normal and happy future and being left behind his generation.

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