Motivating Teenagers to Study

When a kid enters teenage, the whole perspective of their life begins to change. Problems evolve and become much more difficult to handle, ‘needs and wants’ change and a completely new dimension to life opens up. The pressure of academics begins to increase, and a lot of children find it much more difficult to focus with their studies than before. A lot of children find it more difficult to focus in such a manner, and that is why there is such a large percentage of students who drop out of high school and college. Motivating teenagers to study is a very difficult thing for teachers and parents alike, but the following few tips can help parents in motivating their child.

A lot of parents nag their children to keep on studying all the time, but you should know that leads to a direct decrease in motivational levels. If your child is not studying, you should also avoid stopping them from other activities. It is a common practice amongst parents that if the child doesn’t study, they stop them from playing video games or using the computer. This just induces hate in the child, and can cause rebellious actions.

Instead, sit with him/ her and talk about their reasons. A lot of students find it difficult to concentrate on problems such as mathematics and subjects like History, etc. so it is the parents’ job to help the child in getting a tutor. Or, you can spend more time with the child in order to motivate them. One of the basic rules of motivating teenagers to study is to be kind, yet firm. It is important not to demean your child and discourage them, as that could have a major effect on their psyche.

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