Most Important Behavior Modification Skill for Parents

When working to better your child’s understanding of behavior and the effects of bad decisions it is important that you as the parent use the most essential behavior modification skill of all, patience. This is much easier said than done, but by allowing your child the time to get their act together you are teaching them that sometimes we have to wait for what we want the most, while making them feel supported as well. So, how do you stay on top of this complicated, but absolutely necessary, behavior modification skill? You have heard it time and time again; if you don’t take care of yourself then you will not be fully able to take care of your children.

Okay, as a parent there is usually very little time to do anything, especially when it will only benefit you. There are several things that can be done during the day to make sure that you get your half hour of relaxation time. By taking advantage of these tips you will not only be better equipped to relax in stressful situations, but you will also create a structured setting for your child to learn all the imperative behavior modification skills.

Behavior Modification Skill Tip 1: Take care of yourself. – – Don’t have the time? Find it! Parents put themselves on the back burner often, but this could make you even touchier when dealing with natural challenging behavior from children and teenagers.

Behavior Modification Skill Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to admit defeat sometimes. — As hard as it may seem there are times when even parents can’t make the world go round perfectly. Does the house just seem too messy to tackle or maybe the laundry pile looks a little like Mt. Everest? Who cares, take a seat in the lounger and relax today. It will still be there tomorrow, right?

Behavior Modification Skill Tip 3: Pick your battles wisely. — Fighting with children and teens can be the most frustrating thing in your day. Instead of trying to be there every time they make a mistake try letting some pass. You should think about their mistake and ask yourself will this event matter tomorrow. If the answer is no then just quietly let them know that you are disappointed but don’t take it any further than that. Save your energy for more important situations.

Behavior Modification Skill Tip 4: Take everything in stride. — We often want everything done right this second but the truth is nothing happens instantly. Whether trying to get ready for an outing or waiting for your child or teen to clean their room, it can be hard to just sit there while they lag behind schedule. Remember the crucial behavior modification skill, patience. Let them take their time while you sit (hence relaxation time), and wait on them.

It’s true, none of these will be easy and some may seem impossible, but the better you are at letting things go, staying calm in chaos, and just letting kids be kids, the better you will be at teaching them necessary behavior modification skills that they will carry with them through life. The old saying, “Practice what you preach”, should be your parent motto as it rings so true.

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