Magazine Subscriptions to Help Teen Behavior

Everyone talks about books, and websites and pamphlets or booklets to help teen behavior, when one of the greatest ways to get a message to teens is giving them something for them to read. There are several magazines that can help teen behavior available today that have been written for, and about teens. Some well-known magazines, while not specifically about teen behavior, offer a lot of information on children and parenting in general:

Parents – Parents Magazine is for the young family with growing children. Its primary focus is on the concerns of today’s parents. Topics range from disciplining your children to planning family vacations.

Psychology Today – Psychology Today Magazine focuses on human behavior and society and how the latest research in psychology can be applied to improve relationships and other aspects of our lives. It explores the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of daily life.

Interestingly enough subscriptions to these and several other good magazines that can help teen behavior can be purchased through the National Children Coalition ( and a significant portion of the proceeds will go to support programs for teens and kids in need. Much like the influence of other media, teens learn a lot about themselves and the world around them from teen magazines. Debra Merskin, an associate professor of clinical psychology who conducted a study of female teens who read teen magazines and there influence on behavior wrote “Teen and preteen readers are eager and interested in the world around them and magazines create a sense of community where girls can read about other girls and compare their lives. At an age when there is a natural rejection of parental advice and an increasing valuation of peer input, a magazine can serve a girl well in her search for what’s right, wrong, valued, labeled, and trusted in the eyes of her peers.” She found ‘Seventeen’ to be the most popular magazine among teen-age girls.

Other popular teen magazines are:

Teen Vogue – Teen Vogue features many of the same photographers who shoot regularly for Vogue, but it will be tailored to sophisticated teen sensibilities.

J-14 – From today’s hottest stars and music groups to the latest fashion and beauty trends, J-14 is for those girls who are logged on and plugged in to the coolest of what’s happening now.

Twist – Twist magazine celebrates REAL teenage girls–as they are. Twist delivers what real teenage girls want–from the latest celebrity gossip to the hottest fashion and beauty and the savviest advice on guys and relationships.

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