Love Thy Animals, Get Excellent Education

Now here’s a novelty form of education—Majestic Ranch Academy. Now before you think differently, here what they are about first.

Majestic Ranch Academy is a boarding school in Utah, for children ages 7 to 14 years old. Yes, it is a ranch. And yes, it is a school. Ranches aren’t places strictly intended for the raising of grazing livestock such as cattle or sheep. The thing is, they offer academic excellence on a different perspective. All students will have the opportunity to experience lambing, calving, and caring for cows, sheep, horses, llamas, cats, dogs, and goats.

What is the rationale behind this practice? Majestic Ranch Academy believes that a student’s insight, awareness and perspective will immensely be broaden once they participate in activities such as those mentioned. Their philosophy lies with the fact that they leave no room for the practice of mediocrity. No one graduates from Majestic Ranch ignorant from analyzing several analyze historical and contemporary issues. As a student, you must understand the values and ethics to which your country and entity was built.

A boarding school situated in a ranch may probably be not ideal location for a boarding school; they’ll give you that. However, because of the surroundings and elements that the school is in, your child can considerably learn a lot from this experience. Experiences which might not be available anywhere else but at Majestic Ranch Academy. Experiences where they will gain the basic life skills necessary for them to survive the real world. Because really, as far as parents go, they will always want only the best for their kids in all aspects of learning. And Majestic Ranch Academy can give you all that and more.

Click here for their blog and here for the official website.

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