Losing-Jonathan-Robert-P.-Waxler1) What sets your book apart from others?

LOSING JONATHAN talks in honest terms about a family trying to struggle against the insidious monster–heroin.

2) Why should parents pay special attention to what you are doing?

This is a story that could happen to anyone at any time.

3) What’s unique about your book?

the complete honesty of it

4) What has inspired you to develop this book?

Need to tell the story about the tragic death of our son and our family struggle , hoping the story might help others.

5) What do you hope to accomplish through your book?

hope to help others

6) Who is your target audience?

every family

7) Do you have any other works for your readers to enjoy?

FINDING A VOICE (published by University of Michigan Press)

8) Please include a brief description of your book.

LOSING JONATHAN, written by Robert and Linda Waxler, is the tragic and moving story of the their oldest son Jonathan’s battle with heroin and the effect his addiction had on the entire family.

It is a story of love and survival.

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