Learning Resources for Students, Parents, and Teachers

There are numerous free learning resources available for students at all levels of learning. Such resources are especially found online, and they can be easily accessed by teachers, parents and students to help aid learning.

One comprehensive source of learning materials is the Federal Resources for Educational Excellence or F.R.E.E. in short. This website contains topics on all subjects in the K-12 system. The subjects include Math, Science, World Studies, Arts and Music and U.S. History.
These subjects have plenty of topics, with some having up to 80 topics that students can make use of. Visual arts lead with 119 topics, Artists following at 92 topics. Science has the largest number of individual topics, ranging from Applied Sciences and Earth Sciences to Physical and Space Sciences, all with many subtopics under them. This is one resource that should be utilized fully to enhance the learning experience.

Another site with good information and learning resources is the United States Geographical Survey Education website, education.usgs.gov. The subjects contained in this site is more specialized to educate about natural resources, hazards and other aspects of the environment that affect life in general. The site contains educational resources for K-12 studies as well as for undergraduate studies in the mentioned fields or subjects.

The USGS website also contains many other subjects of interest to those willing to expand their knowledge. “The GPS Class”, for example, provides information to students about how global positioning systems work and how to use them. Publications such as data, maps and books are also available to supplement the lessons provided on the site, as well as for research for college and university students.

For resources on humanities, the best most wide-ranging resource would be EDSITEment website provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Subject catalogs on EDSITEment include Art and Culture, Foreign Language, Literature and Language Arts and History, and Social Studies. Tutorials for Greek, German, Latin, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, and Russian are provided under the Foreign Languages section according to grade levels.

A good resource for mathematics may be Math.com. This site contains resources for students, teachers, parents and also businesses and adult learners. It is structured such that it is easy to navigate and is user friendly. Math supplies such as software and equipment can also be bought online from the website, and the returns from such sales, together with donations from well wishers, keep the website updated and running. Subjects covered on the site include Basic Math, Everyday Math, Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus.

All these and many more are free resources to supplement learning. Since some websites can be tailored to specific subjects and grade levels, it is advisable to use several online resources together according to the subject in need of enhancement and practice. The general subject websites are best for revision purposes because one can get the entire list of subjects covered from it and keep track of their revision process.

For the best learning experience, a combination of resources for the subjects can provide a great motivation for learning and seeking knowledge.

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