Leading by Example – The Most Effective Solution to Teenage Behavior Modification

Being a parent is a huge responsibility with perhaps the greatest being the difficult task of teenage behavior modification. You not only have to care for your children, but you have to set an example as to how they should live their lives. This means you would need to care for yourself and lead the kind of life you want your children to have. As a parent, you have known your child for years and are closer to them than anyone or anything. This closeness gives you an opportunity to set an example by living a life that values respect, courtesy, and kindness which happen to be some of the most important skills in teenage behavior modification.

Today’s world has many influences that will vie for your teenager’s attention. From television to the Internet, from friends’ behavior to celebrity lifestyles, there will be enormous pressure on your teenager to make choices based on the examples set by others. That is why it is more important now than ever for parents to stand up using teenage behavior modification techniques, while be the example that leads their children to make the right decisions.

Leading by example will not be easy, just as making the right decisions will not always be easy for your children. You will have to make choices that reflect the values you want your children to live by in spite of any obstacles you encounter. And every decision you make and action you take will be judged against how you want your teenager to act. But by creating an example of right behavior your teenager will more readily modify their own behavior than if you simply reacted to bad behavior with yelling, arguments, and punishment.

Remember, your teenager lives in a world of confusion and competing influences. They won’t always know what to do, though they’ll think they do. They won’t always know how to act, though they would never admit it. But when they face choices that will lead them in one direction or another, they will need an example of right thought and right deed lighting a path for them, and teach the importance of teenage behavior modification. If you, the parent, do not lead by example, your children will turn to friends and other influences and follow their lead therefore damaging your results of teenage behavior modification. But if you set high standards for yourself, value life, and treat everyone with respect and kindness, your children will have a better example to follow and a better chance to be the kind of person you want them to be giving your teenage behavior modification task a positive result.

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