Knowing about Drug Abuse Behavior Signs

For decades, marijuana has been considered the most popular gateway drug for teens due to it’s behavioral effects. What is not commonly known is that marijuana’s potency has increased over the past two decades. With that knowledge, it is somewhat calming to know that there are drug abuse behavior signs to look for.

The actual signals of drug abuse behavior in a person can vary. Some are incredibly explicit, which makes it easier to prognosticate. Unfortunately, others can come in shades of subtlety. If some of the more subtle signs of drug abuse behavior are combined with one another, then the probability of abuse increases dramatically.

The drug’s popularity is due to the tendency to cause relaxation, euphoria, and increase sensory perception. These particular signs of drug abuse behavior are easy to spot if you encounter the user while he or she is still under the influence.

Often drug abuse behavior is confused with that of someone suffering from a mental illness. The user may experience paranoia or unwarranted panic reactions. The more extreme indicators of drug abuse behavior will occur if marijuana is used in conjunction with PCP. The effects of this particular combination can lead to a more volatile reaction in the user, such as hallucinations, intense delirium, and even violence.

The last indicator of drug abuse behavior is the user’s tendency to be more protective of their personal space, such as their room or car. There you might find marijuana seeds, cigarette rolling papers, bongs, hash pipes, or even homemade devices (which will have a sticky residue left from burned marijuana).

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