Kinds of Teen Violence

Here are some examples of the different kinds of teen violence.

Violence at Home

It is sad to say, but many teens nowadays are abused, or have witnessed abusive behavior in the one place where they are supposed to be their most comfortable – their own home. Family violence is so painful because the abuse is committed by the people who are theoretical the backbone and support of a teenager’s life.

This abuse may be physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal. Many different types of family abuse are possible, such as:

  • violence (punching, kicking, screaming, beating) between the parents.
  • physical abuse toward the teen.
  • incest.
  • consistently putting a teen down (calling him names, telling him that he will never amount to anything, etc.)
  • being forced into unwanted marriage.
  • placing tremendous pressure on a teen in regards to sports or academics.

Remember, that violence is a learned behavior. If a child is abused by a parent, guardian, or family member, he or she will most likely imitate this cruel behavior and act violently toward others.

Violence at School

School is a breeding ground for teen violence. Many teens are pressured into committing violent acts by other aggressive students. Many teens find the need to retaliate for prior humiliations caused by another teen, so they turn to violent measures. And some kids simply enjoy the powerful feeling of carrying a gun to school. Whatever the reason, acts of teen violence are on the rise. In fact, according to research studies, one out of 12 children will potentially be party to a violent act.

Abusive Relationships

Relationships with friends or significant others can be violent, too. Some friends and partners can get extremely jealous over silly reasons. They can also prove to be overprotective. When they become angry with the victim, they call them names, make them feel low or stupid, or even physically assault them. These are all forms of relationship abuse. Victimized teens in these kind of destructive relationships must first realize that it is not their fault. They need to know that nobody, especially them, should be treated brutally in a relationship. They need to tell someone they trust and to get out of the relationship now.

Sexual Violence

Any kind of sexual activity against one’s own will is considered an act of sexual violence. This kind of abuse can happen at home, in school, or simply walking to the park. We must all be aware of this frightening threat.

Different kinds of sexual violence include:

  • Rape. Rape, or forced sexual intercourse, is a terrifying act of violence. And all too often, the rapist is someone the teen already knows, like a boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher, or acquaintance. Date rape is a good example of sexual violence.
  • Incest. Incest is when a member of the family touches the teen in ways that are uncomfortable or sexual. Incest does include intercourse (wanted or unwanted), but is not limited to just that.
  • Verbal or emotional abuse. Sexual violence does not have to be limited to sexual intercourse or even touching. Verbal and emotional abuse can be sexual. Humiliating or degrading comments about one’s sexuality are acts of sexual violence.

Violence Against Oneself

Teen violence does not necessarily have to be against another person. It can also be against oneself. Some teens do not want to inflict pain on others. They are otherwise peaceful people who have trouble coping with the pain they feel inside. So, they direct the violence toward themselves. They either use violence against themselves as a cry for help, or may seriously attempt suicide.

However, when you stop to think about it, suicide is a violent act toward others. It hurts everyone who was close with the victim. It devastates many lives in the process. One would think that because a person with a nice smile, a good job, or seemingly normal lifestyle, can be trusted with our teens. Not so. It may be a cynical way to look at the world, but in this time and age, we really must be careful who we trust our teenagers with.

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