Kids and violence

We are all privy to the fact that teen violence is a very big social problem, not just in the U.S but in every part of the globe. For example in the U.K, happy slapping is a very popular “game” that teens play. It involves slapping people, usually unsuspecting victims that are just minding their own business, and recording the whole incident with a mobile phone camera to be uploaded to video hosting websites such as youtube. In Asia, Africa and the Middle East children are being trained and turned into soldiers, sometimes they even carry out suicide bombing missions.

The situations between kids from first world countries like the U.S and the U.K and war torn third world nations are very different but there is one central theme that pervades the thought and that is kids are being exposed to violence whether they choose to or not. Some kids choose to be violent even if they don’t have to some are just thrown into the firing lines even before they realize why. The question is why? Why do they need to participate? Why would they want to participate?

There are so many questions that can be raised with regards to why these things happen, but the most important question to ask now is what are we going to do to stop this cycle of violence before it turns the next generation into cold blooded, remorseless villains who do not value life. It’s time to solve the problems, I mean we already know the solutions it’s just a matter of enforcing them.

Science and technology would and should play a big part in this solution and everyone who has access to it should at least try and help. Helping is as easy as spreading the right information and sharing knowledge and resources. A good place to start is inside you’re own home, tell you’re kids about the ill effects of violence and let them know that there are better alternatives. Another way to help stop violence from spreading is to develop self control, people can even get professional help if it is available.

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