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Horizon Academy has an air of modesty. For an educational institution that has progressive goals that is at par (or probably greater) with other prestigious academy, Horizon Academy is low key and undiscriminating.

Horizon Academy is located at Reinhardt Drive in the state of Kansas. They help students who are having a hard time with the following: word decoding skills in reading, Oral and written language comprehension, Oral and written expression, Math kills, time and sequencing, Handwriting ability, Physical education skills , organizational skills, and Social skills.

Horizon Academy was established from dedicated parents concerned about the progress of their children in traditional schools. Combining the advice received from national educational consultants, research from Midwest Research Institute, and input from local parents, educators and physicians, the vision and master plan for the school was materialized.

Nowadays, Horizon Academy houses the needs of up to 72 students per year who are working to gain the academic, social, and self-esteem skills necessary to reach their highest potential. Over 100 students have successfully transitioned back to their traditional school setting with many achieving honor roll status.

For a school which provides a learning environment focused on the whole child, including  intellectual, physical, social and emotional aspects, Horizon Academy remains humble. And this trait alone, has attracted more than many eager families and teens. What are you waiting for?

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