Is Your Kid Smoking Pot?

Pot is slang for marijuana, weed, ganja or cannabis sativa. If you have been asking yourself the question whether your teen uses pot or not, then read along to know the tell tale signs of detecting pot use and abouse.

>>Your kid is spraying air freshener into their room or car until it reeks like a funeral home. Take note that smoke shops sell highly potent air sanitizing sprays that claim to eliminate smoke in the air. They usually come in smaller, more compact canisters, and are sold at a higher rate than the average air freshener.

>>If your kid has begun to come home wearing heavy cologne, perfume, or body spray you may want to investigate, especially if they usually wear a reasonable amount or none at all.  Some kids will also try to cover the smell by burning strongly scented incense or candles. They may even try to pass the smell off as incense or candles.

>>Clothing hold marijuana smoke.  The marijuana smell can be described as musty, musky, of earthy.  A marijuana smoker is aware that their clothing will hold the smell of smoke; therefore they may use excessive body spray of  cologne in an attempt to cover it up.
>>Pot smokers breathe will also hold the smell of marijuana for some time.  Uncharacteristic or excessive teeth brushing, gum chewing, breath mint popping, etc. is usually a good sign that the suspected person is trying to cover the smell of smoke on their breath.

>>Marijuana smoke also adheres itself to the smoker’s hands, most significantly, the fingers.  The thumb and index finger are usually used in smoking a joint; therefore these two fingers will retain the smell long after the joint has been smoked.  Hand washing can usually eliminate the smell.  However, unless the pot smoker focuses on the fingers, the smell will remain long after hand washing.

>>A person under the influence of marijuana will most likely have red/swollen/bloodshot/irritated/glassy eyes.  The red eyes, also know to pot smokers as “chinese eyed”, can be temporarily covered up with Visine (also know as “white eye”). Although the eye drops may relieve the smoker of irritated red eyes, it will do nothing to remove the glassy eyed, glazed over look in the eye.  Some smokers prefer to wear sunglasses to hide their eyes as well.  Wearing sunglasses indoors and/or at unlikely times should be viewed as a red flag.

>>When smoked, marijuana leaves a tar-like residue behind commonly known as “resin”.  In some cases, the resin may leave fingers and or lips and teeth with a yellowish, brown tar-like stain.  If resin happens to make contact with clothing, it will not wash out.  Attempting to wipe off clothing will result in a smear.  Attempting to wash it may result in the transfer to other clothing in your machine.  The presence of resin is another sign that is difficult to conceal.

>>The hungry feeling that usually accompanies getting high is referred to as “having the munchies”. If your kid starts eating large amounts of food at odd times you may want to check into it. Occasionally pot smokers will get strange cravings for food they rarely, if ever, eat when not under the influence.

>>Dry mouth is common after smoking pot. Although it’s a small sign, a person who has just smoked almost always has a beverage nearby.

With a better understanding of the signs, paraphernalia, and activities of a typical pot-smoker, it may be easier to relate to your teenager about their use of marijuana and approach him or her for a discussion.


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