Is There Bipolar Recovery?

When thinking of bipolar recovery there are things that, as a parent, you must be aware of. The sad truth is you can not get your hopes up on the complete recovery of your child’s condition since, despite best efforts, nothing has seemed to work. Before getting too discouraged, know that there are thousands of specialists searching, studying, and testing every idea that finds its way onto their desk. One day, we will finally have a real solution to bipolar recovery.

Until then there are many things that you can do to help your child deal with the symptoms that can sometimes take their toll on everyone involved. Bipolar Disorder is a chronic condition, a mental illness that will be with your child most likely for the rest of his or her life. However, much like people with other chronic diseases like diabetes or epilepsy, with the right treatments it can be kept under control. It is common for those afflicted with it to move forward to live a happy, healthy, and productive life.

Mary Ellen Copeland with, a support organization for those with Bipolar Disorder, had this to say about Bipolar Recovery. “People who have experienced even the most severe psychiatric symptoms are doctors of all kinds, lawyers, teachers, accountants, advocates, social workers. We are successfully establishing and maintaining intimate relationships. We are good parents. We have warm relationships with our partners, parents, siblings, friends and colleagues. We are climbing mountains, planting gardens, painting pictures, writing books, making quilts, and creating positive change in the world.”

So even though a total Bipolar Recovery is not likely, the sufferer can indeed go out into the world changing lives, and living exactly like everyone else. When teaching your child to deal with their disorder it should be a goal to create your own bipolar recovery by not only managing, but taking full control of the illness. Experts agree that belief in a potential recovery on the part of you and your child, will make that goal that much more attainable.

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