Is Teen Sex a Behavioral Problem?

The answer to this question depends on various factors and the ideas you hold on teen sex. To be a behavioral problem it must first be made clear by the parent that is will not be tolerated for whatever reason. If you never talk to your teen about sex and the issues surrounding it then the answer would be no, teen sex is not a behavioral problem. If you have discussed sex and its consequences then the answer would be yes, teen sex is a behavioral problem.

Over the last fifty years we have argued the issue surrounding sex and teen sex in particular. Some believe it is a matter of religion, while others think it should be about self respect and encouraging morals. The concern that it may be getting worse has been all over the news, with many blaming celebrities such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Can you really throw blame on them when you are their number one influence in life? It is this argument that has fueled the unbelievable fight between parents on all sides for the last 10 years.

So, what can we do about it? Can we shield our children from the numerous outside influences like the media, celebrities, and common peer pressures? If you believe that your teen’s sexual activities is a form of behavioral problem then it is important that you intervene immediately. There are several things that can be done by a parent to help show your teens that sex is not just an activity, it is a life changing decision.

  1. Be completely open and honest when talking about sex. We often think that they are too young to hear the details but the truth is they already know them, and unfortunately chances are they are already doing them. By opening communication about this touchy, and sometimes embarrassing, subject you are allowing them to talk things out with you before making the big decision.
  2. Don’t lie to yourself. It is easier to avoid the subject of a teen sex behavioral problem than to sit down and face it head on. Don’t let yourself do this because your child’s future could be at stake.
  3. Show them what happens. There are HIV centers all around the country that would be more than happy to open their doors and impact your child in the best way. Seeing what happens to those that have made one bad decision can help them understand just what sex can do to someone. It will allow them to get a better understanding on the importance of waiting till the time is right.
  4. If you hear that they have been sexually active take them to get tested immediately. While this may be scary for them, it is important that they understand that these days sex and HIV go hand in hand. If you act out displaying a sex behavioral problem, you will be putting yourself at risk, therefore also putting others at risk.

The bottom-line is that even a parent can not make their teen accept the challenges of abstinence. All you can do is encourage wise decisions and give the tools and knowledge needed to make the right decision. By using the skill provided above you can give them an insight that no amount of sex education or sex talks can compare to. This is vital to decreasing and stopping a teen sex behavioral problem.

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