Improving Your Self-Esteem

Every one of us has a picture of who we are, what we are good at and what we are bad at. This is something that develops over time. Self image is our mental image of ourselves, our mental portrait. Most of our self-portraying comes from our interactions with others, so does our self-esteem. Basically self esteem is how much we feel that we are loved, valued and appreciated by others, and more importantly how much we love, value and appreciate ourselves. People with healthy self esteem appreciate themselves and almost everything they do, while people with low self esteem think of their actions and deeds as not worthy most of the time.

That leads teens not to believe in themselves, to be afraid of trying, to be afraid of giving things to chance, to be afraid to live in some cases. But, we all experience good and bad things in our life, that especially goes for teenagers and the time we were teenagers. Teens are just finding themselves and it can become quite confusing, but when you look at it from the bright side, self esteem is not a fixed value; it is something that changes over time with your picture of the world and you growing experiences.

There are plenty of ways for anyone to improve self esteem, so let’s go over a few and see if we can make things look more positive.

  • The first and basic step is to stop thinking negative about yourself in any possible way. People often get  overwhelmed by their shortcomings instead of thinking about the positive sides of their personality and their achievements, so when you start being over critical of yourself, stop, say something positive and keep on. Think about the things that make you happy all the time, never allow the negative to take over.
  • One of the common mistakes most people make, teens especially, but that sometimes comes from being pushed too hard, is that all of us tend to go for perfection instead of achievements. Never think about doing something perfect, think about achieving a goal and doing it so it will count, if you wait for perfection the ship might sail away.
  • Count every mistake you make not as a let down, but as a learning opportunity, learn from your mistakes and correct them. Everyone makes mistakes, accept that and move on, mistakes are part of learning process, no one can give their best the first time, some things take practice and experience, life is one of them.
  • Change the things you don’t like about yourself if you can, there are certain things however that we can never change, so learn to love yourself the way you are.
  • Set goals for yourself and go for them. Take pride in what you do, never second guess your motives for wanting to achieve something.
  • Help others, which always brings the best out of people, that makes them feel better, because helping others is a good thing for both you and the person you are helping.
  • Exercise as that will help you relieve stress and negative energy and it will make you healthier and in some cases it will make you feel better about yourself.

All in all, just try to have fun, life is not that hard if you are motivated and have a positive way of looking at things, but if you bury yourself in depression and low self esteem life will always look hard, no matter how easy or hard it is in reality.

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