I have several issues with my teenage daughter. What should I do?

Teen-Girl-IssuesMy 16 years old daughter starting avoiding going to the school when she started getting acne on her face. Every now and then, she gave excuses to avoid going to the school. As it happened very frequently, I had to take her to a counselor and then I discovered that she was worried about her looks. Acne made her feel embarrassed and she didn’t want her friends to notice the acne. I discussed the issue with my girl and made her realize that it was a part of teenage. Everyone has to undergo the same situation during the teens. I told her my story when I had acne during my teenage. We both have a friendly relationship since then. I am happy that she shares everything with me since then.

Parenting a teenage girl can be difficult for the mothers. Once the girl enters teenage, the mother or the care taker need to tell her that there can be some changes taking place. Acne, spots or blackheads start appearing on the face due to the hormonal changes and other factors like greasy and oily foods, improper washing of the face, etc. Teach the girl to wash the face with a good face wash everyday.

Many girls go up a size in the teenage. It is natural for girls to put on weight and become fat. All girls want to be size zero. The teenage gals starve themselves to shed off the extra kilos. Dieting is not the solution as children need nutritious food in the growing years. Motivate your child to exercise daily.

Alcohol should not be allowed till a girl turns 18. Researches show that the girls who start drinking before 18 have sexual experiences as they get out of control. So, next time when your daughter goes out for a late night party, always pick her up. If you have some family issues, you may talk to your child about it. Discuss the problems related to you and your spouse openly.

One great way I discovered is to be friends with my daughters’ mothers. I got their numbers and Facebook IDs and we communicated with each other on a regular basis. We discussed everything related to our children. The other mothers told me the new issues they face in their day-to-day life and I talked about mine. We could solve each others’ problems very easily.

Managing expenses is an “important” part of child’s life. They should learn to manage the money they spend. Teach them some tricks to save their money. When the child becomes “old enough”, discuss your household expenses with her. If the children use public transport, the parents should teach the ways to be safe and protected. Explain the child what can be done at the time of emergency.

When you have a teenage child, be prepared to hear “Go away! I hate you” or “You never understand me”. The kids are likely to get aggressive at times. The parents should stay calm and find ways to tackle the child.

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