How to Improve Your Self Esteem

The love we feel for ourselves and generally how we feel about ourselves has a great influence on our overall happiness and our ability to function in a relationship. If we have confidence we are more likely to achieve something. Generally, self confidence is needed for us, of course being over confident can lead to bad things, but self esteem help us accept who we are and helps us live our life the way we’re supposed to.

Improving self esteemImproving self esteem can be hard for some, but anyone can do it with some help. The first step in improving your self esteem is to think better of yourself. Yeah it can be hard, especially if you feel depressed, but if you focus on your shortcomings and underachievement’s you will never achieve anything good, and we all want to achieve something.

A challenge I used to do is write 10 things I enjoy in life each day, things that make me happy, things about myself that I like. That can greatly boost your confidence and your self esteem.

One thing that will also help you feel better about yourself is to have realistic goals. Aim for real things, aim to accomplish something, not to achieve perfection. If we set our goals too high we are bound to fail sooner or later. So setting realistic goals will help us achieve them and it will boost our confidence.

Another thing you need to focus is how you deal with failures. Don’t let them get you down; a failure is a place to learn. Mistakes can be your opportunities. If you make a mistake once you can learn and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Generally trying new things and experiment is a good thing to start with. It can be scary at first if you are not used to that sort of thing but you never know what you might like until you try. Developing a skill or finding something that fulfills you will not fall out of the sky, you have to work for it.

Of course it’s always good to do a reality check. Some things can be changed, some can’t. Learn how to recognize reality as we already said. Trying to change the impossible will not improve your confidence.

Exercise, have fun, go out, socialize, do anything that feels good. Jog or walk in the park, do yoga, read books, start a blog, write a poem, grow flowers, do anything that makes you feel better about yourself.

Self esteem is important to all of us, things are much easier if we think and feel good about ourselves. So if you have issues with your confidence and your self esteem these tips can help you improve it.

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