How to help a teen deal with the death of a loved one

Death is a fact of life, everyone would die and everyone would loose someone they love eventually. People deal with the death of a loved one in many different ways, some are positive while others are negative. Most adults deal with it in a mature way and most of them actually learn many things from that kind of experience. Teenagers on the other hand, are more likely to take grief in a more negative and sometimes destructive way. The feelings that they would feel are intense and and they can show it in a number of explosive ways which is relatively better than the alternative. The alternative, which some teens choose to do, is to keep their pain and negative feelings inside. They may even show no emotions at all when they loose someone, but parents should know better than to assume that they do not feel the pain and anguish.

Kids who do not express their emotions have a tendency to implode and eventually self-destruct if they do not get the help that they need. But its not that easy to help them cope with whatever grief they are feeling because they almost always don’t want to talk about it. So, how can parents help?

The best possible way is to consult a professional, psychologists, therapists and even religious leaders can help. They are specially trained to deal with these situations. Talking about the death and the problems openly in a calm and reassuring way is also a good idea, the grieving teens do not even need to participate if they don’t want to, but hearing people talk and hearing reassuring words can encourage him/her to change their mind and express what their feelings.

Let them realize, even in an indirect and subtle way that its not the end of the world and no matter how bad they feel right now, it can and will get better eventually.


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