How To Handle Stress in Teenagers

Are you worried that your teenager is becoming stressed? Perhaps you already know your teenager is stressed but do not know how to handle stress in teenagers.

Stress is a part of growing up and taking on more responsibilities, but it’s important that you can detect when your teen is stressed so you can offer them some techniques on dealing with their stress. Many parents find themselves so stressed they don’t even notice that their teen is stressed. There are a number of things you can teach your teen to help them handle stress.

Listen to Your Teen
Many parents don’t realize that one of the best techniques for minimizing stress in your teens is to simply listen to them. Sometimes parents are so desperate to help their teens that they offer them an abundance of information and advice, while brushing over what their teen is actually saying to them. Listen to your teen’s words, really listen, and let them vent when they need to. When your teen realizes that you are on their side and prepared to sit down and listen to what is making them feel stressed, they will feel a sense of relief knowing they have your support.

Encourage Small Daily Escapes
While there are a number of benefits to having a routine, when you are in the thick of exams or outside school pressure, it can be hard to see past it. Encourage your teen to take small daily escapes, whether that means they spend time with their friends, playing sports, taking the dog for a walk, going for a jog or spending some quiet time reading. Creativity is a great way to help your teen take their mind off things that are weighing them down, so consider buying your teen a diary or sketchbook if you think they’ll enjoy expressing themselves artistically.

Teach Your Teen Perspective
This is not an easy lesson, but it is crucial to understanding how to handle stress in teenagers. Many of things that your teen will worry about are simply passing issues and will not influence their lives long term. When you’re young it is much more challenging to detach from small dramas that are happening – they literally feel like the end of the world. Teaching your teen how to “let go” of small dramas in their lives will allow them to detach from the stress, ensuring that they feel much more content and stable. Where possible try to show your teen the bigger picture as this will allow them to keep things in perspective.

What have you found effective in minimizing stress in your teen? Do you have any advice on how to handle stress in teenagers?

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