How to Get Financial Assistance for Bipolar Therapy?

The hunt for financial assistance when trying to fund the large fees of bipolar therapy can be exhausting, frustrating, and even downright depressing. Unfortunately many people do not know that there are tons of wonderful organizations that offer advice, ideas, and even programs to secure the future of bipolar children with donations to their bipolar therapy funds. Before getting too stressed, check all your facts making sure that you don’t overlook the program that may be just right for you and your family.

Health Insurance

The easiest solution to finding the money to cover the cost of bipolar therapy could be found by looking into your medical insurance. If you have health insurance, it is best to check with insurer to see what coverages you may have for mental health services such as bipolar therapy.

Government Mental Health Facilities

For those not covered by health insurance seek out a bipolar therapy center offering treatments based on your ability to pay. This is especially popular in government run organizations as the law states they must not refuse treatment to anyone based on the inability to pay. Contact your local Mental Health Organization for more information.

Local Organizations

There are low cost and even some free service available. Due to the high level of low income families needing financial assistance when getting bipolar therapy, there are literally hundreds of these types of treatment facilities. Chances are your town has one. Many of these are faith-based programs, check with your local clergy for programs that may be available in your area.


Perhaps the most well known, bipolar therapy, especially for children, may be available in whole or in part through IDEA ( or Medicaid. Contact your counties Department of Public Safety for an application and more information.

Social Security

Social Security benefits may also be available to cover these costs. Bipolar Therapy in this case may be paid for if your child is under 18 and your family meets the income requirements. The requirements state that the child must be declared disabled under the parameters of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for these benefits to apply.

Credit Cards

Although a last resort, credit cards can be used to pay for your child’s bipolar therapy. While this is the most expensive route due to interest, etc., it is also perhaps the most promising. Even if it does cost almost double the benefits of bipolar therapy are well worth it for your child.

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