How to Conquer Child and Adolescent Fears

Everyone at some point in their life has been troubled by some irrational fear. This irrationality mainly applies to child and adolescent fears. Most parents will witness these irrational fears in their children. Child and adolescent fears range from believing there is a monster under the bed or the boogey man lives in the closet, to being afraid of getting in a swimming pool for fear the drain might suck the child under.

Whichever one your child may have it is important that you understand that even though in your mind these fears are silly, to your child they are extremely important. You won’t be able to read this article and learn of a cure for child and adolescent fear, but you will learn of a few tips that may help diminish their impact on your child.

Children like to feel safe and they depend on their parents to make them feel this way. Part of doing this is encouraging your child to talk with you about their fears. The only way he/she are going to do this is if they can trust that you’re not going to belittle their concerns, or call them “childish.” It is important that you listen to your children with the utmost sincerity.

Once you’ve opened up a trusting line of communication try to focus on only positive areas. Work positive topics into the conversation, such as heroes or stories of people who conquered their fears. The bible is a great place to look for these types of stories and can be very inspiring for a small child to hear.

Make sure and ask you child enough questions about their fears so that you can better understand them, and then ask them what you can do to make them less scared. If they make a request that you can’t do, then be honest with them about it and work out another plan. You have to come down to their level and see things from their perspective to truly do this. Only then will you be able to fully comprehend child and adolescent fears.

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