How to Check a School on the Rise

Every year, many parents scout for the most suitable high school where their teens can enroll. Amongst the many educational programs offered nowadays, what comprises a good curriculum? How would you know what academy stands out from the crowd? Does Royal Gorge Academy in Colorado pass these many criteria?

First off, a good academy should offer a full course curriculum in all academic core subjects. It is much better if they have a number of electives as well. Why? Not only will you get value of the tuition fee you pay for your child, the academy will also be able to render students with a well rounded education. Such is the case with Royal Gorge’s program of studies. In fact, their curriculum is aligned with the Colorado Model Content Standards, as mandated by the “No Child Left Behind” federal legislation of 2001. So how’s that for a start?

Royal Gorge Academy also offers advanced placement classes that allow students to obtain dual college credit for selected coursework while obtaining their high school diploma. The Switched On Schoolhouse computer program is the defined programs of study for Royal Gorge Academy. The Switched On Schoolhouse program for instruction and assessment supports and aligns with the desired results for student learning required by the State of Colorado.

If school facilities are one of your major concerns, then you will be more than happy to know that their students enjoy a gorgeous campus that houses up-to-date, modern facilities, including comfortable dormitories, a spacious dining area, fully-equipped classrooms, a full gymnasium with weight and exercise rooms, an indoor heated swimming pool, tennis courts, a soccer field, and a performing arts auditorium.

Of course, last but definitely not the least, if you believe that students should thrive in a structured environment where emphasis on academic excellence, personal responsibility, exemplary moral values such as respect for self and others, then there’s no doubt that Royal Gorge Academy is the school of your choice. Armed with their effective Character Development Program known as Positive Peer Culture, you can expect your child to be development their full potential.

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