How to be Calm Parents of Teenagers?

Calm-ParentingDo you find yourself constantly worried about your teen and the decisions they are making? Perhaps your partner is over-thinking things and seems really stressed.

Dealing with teens is challenging, even at the best of times, so it’s really important that you employ some helpful techniques to keep anxiety down and to start feeling calm again. A worried parent is not much use to anyone, and often their worry clouds their ability to parent.

Keep Your Eye on the Long Term
It’s easy to get caught up in the short term when parenting and often the short term can be pretty close to terrifying. Make sure that you take into consideration the long-term affects of problems or mistakes your teen is making before you decide to worry too much. A worried parent is often an overly emotional and short-tempered parent, so keep a focus on the ultimate long-term goals and relax.

Take Some Time Out
Many parents make the mistake of investing all their energy in their teens, to the point where they simply have no time for themselves. This strong focus makes them much more likely to get wrapped up in their teen’s problems, causing unnecessary stress. It’s important that you are there for your teen and support them when you need to, but you should also be sure to give them space to live their own lives. Take some time out for yourself to enjoy activities you love, socializing with friends, sport, hobbies or arts that keep you feeling calm and refreshed.

Trust in Your Hard Work
Many parents spend a lot of time mulling over the “what ifs” and worrying about things that simply aren’t even an issue, yet. Trust that you have been a good parent who has passed on good morals to your teenager. While it’s unlikely that your teen will be a perfectly behaved angel, chances are they have learned enough from you to make sensible decisions. If you apply too much pressure to teens they are much more likely to rebel, so a gentle but firm is the best way to parent.

Be Realistic
Think back to your teenage years – and cringe. You probably had moments as a teenager that would have worried your parents, but turned out just fine. Making mistakes, pushing the limits and being slightly irresponsible are all a part of growing up. There is a limit, though, and it’s important that you are aware of how your teenager is acting. Try to be realistic about what expectations you have on your teen and ensure that you relax a little. Speed bumps are a normal and natural part of the journey to becoming an adult.

What have you found helpful to minimize worry in your home? Do you find it harder to parent as a worried parent?

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